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First Human Case of West Nile Virus

08.09.2000 | ACTIVISM

As I predicted just two days ago in The Media and West Nile Virus, they now claim to have a human infection. Once again, the identity is being withheld. Why?

  1. An examination would probably find that this 78 year old man has an extremely weakened immune system. He may also be, like three of the four alleged NYC West Nile Virus victims from last year, on immunosupressive drugs. Only severely immune-compromised people, birds and mosquitoes are vulnerable to WNV.

  2. It may be that if independent scientists got samples of this man's blood that they'd be able to identify the exact strain of WNV (West Nile Virus). Many of the articles of the past year alluded to this being a new, previously unidentifed strain. That strain might just be identical to one of the genetically-altered strains originating in four NY area government labs that admit to having conducted experiments with WNV for decades.

    While it might be entirely understandable that someone with syphilis or another sexual and/or highly contagious disease would not want to be publicly identified there can be no similar embarrassment in this case that would justify secrecy. WNV is not human-to-human contagious according to the City.

    It is also entirely possible that if the City had to prove that the man was infected with WNV this entire "panic" would be exposed as the hoax it is. According to certain scientists opposing the spraying, there is no conclusive test that confirms WNV is present.

  3. It is also quite possible that this "victim" is a total fabrication created solely to justify further spraying. Not releasing the identity makes it impossible for anyone not directly connected to the handful of government officials involved to verify that there is even a real person attached to this alleged infection. To date, not a single person the City claims died from or was infected by WNV last year has ever been identified by name.

    These officials are using this one person to justify the need to spray an entire state with nerve gas yet they won't even give us a name. Can you imagine going into court and trying to prove a legal case with this kind of "evidence"? You not only would lose, the judge would fine you and possibly suspend your law license.

If you think I'm being cynical examine this in light of the usual practice of the City, State and Federal authorities. Suspects in all types of crimes are paraded on TV, often before they have even been booked. Suspects charged with child molestation, terrorism and rape, who, even if later found innocent might be killed or otherwise retaliated against by an angry public, are named, their faces are shown and sometimes even their address is given. Thousands of NYC residents arrested for soliciting prostitutes have had their names and faces shown on local cable TV as part of a City-run program-before they were tried or convicted. These men's family lives and reputations were deliberately ruined by the City. Unlike the WNV victim's identity, no one "needed" to know this information. Even victims of crimes are now routinely identified. How many times were the 40-plus videotapes shot during the recent Central Park mass sexual assault shown on local and national TV?

When the NYPD killed yet another innocent man last year, Patrick Dorismond, Mayor Giuliani used every resource at his disposal to dig up any bit of dirt in order to damage the victim's reputation. He violated NY State law and unsealed juvenile records, deliberately lied about the actual contents of the records, and vigorously defended his own criminal actions in the media and before an investigative panel. To quote former Assistant U.S. Attorney General Giuliani, ""Privacy ends at death". No one in the public had ANY need to know about Dorismond's record. We all need to know about this. Why can't we?

The statements of Health officials in a recent NY Times article make it clear they intend to massively spray the entire NY State area and the surrounding states. I had a call just this morning from Texas, home state of compassionate conservative GW Bush, the soon-to-be Executioner in Chief. They are spraying in urban areas there on a massive level, in some instances without any dead birds or infected mosquitoes being present. According to the woman who called, people there are now very ill from the chemicals being used. Many are dying of cancer.

If there is a real WNV victim I challenge the City to produce him now and to make availiable to any legitimate scientist or doctor that requests it samples of this man's blood or any other evidence to prove the nature of the source of his infection. For all we know, he was in the hospital on an unrelated health complaint and was deliberately infected with WNV just in time to be used to justify more spraying. The health of millions is at stake. Why all the secrecy?

Lastly, how is it that a local media consisting of thousands of highly educated and intelligent reporters that make their living and reputation digging up the most obscure dirt on people in elected office does not even ask one question about the secrecy surrounding this issue? They have become the new Silent Majority. The only conclusion that seems possible is that they are complicit in what is going on, which only goes to prove my theory that we have been lied to about every detail of the WNV issue from day one.

Don't we deserve some hard facts before poisoning any more people with these toxic chemicals?

About the Author
Robert Lederman is the president of A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics). He opperates a website located at
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