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Finally, Evidence to Put 9/11 Conspiracy Theories to Rest (or Is It?)

02.25.2006 11:25 | DISPATCHES

The 9/ll Truth Movement would have us believe that the administration either LI- or MIHOPped* 9/11 to provide a pretext for its own twin towers: international and domestic policy. That's intervention and surveillance, respectively.

We've all heard the arguments against what many have called Web-based conspiracy theorists. Like, how could an administration whose stock in trade, as evidenced by Iraq and Katrina, is incompetence, have carried off 9/11 with few glitches? And, how could the huge number of participants needed to carry out such a huge operation be kept silent about the parts they played?

Or, to put the nail in the coffin, how can one cling to the view that the administration was complicit with fanatical Islamists when, in reaction to 9/11, it's made a crusade of incarcerating and torturing them? Isn't that all the proof one could ask for?

One would think. On the other hand it may just be a measure of how desperate the administration is to cast a smokescreen before its involvement in 9/11. In light of Cheney's ardor for torture, however, doesn't overcompensation have its limits?

Perhaps, but for those who think it takes a sick mind to believe an American administration is capable of sacrificing its people to its own diabolical ends, a note of caution.

Consider how the administration has enabled Iraq to become a puppet state of Iran and also how it allowed its response to Hurricane Katrina to reflect disastrously on itself. In other words, the administration has a penchant for working at cross-purposes with itself.

Meanwhile, for some of the highest drama you'll ever read, see or hear, check out these excerpts from the testimony of surviving WTC firefighters. Beware, however: like the attack leveled the towers, it has the power to shatter your preconceptions.

*LIHOP = Let It Happen On Purpose. MIHOP = Made It Happen On Purpose.


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