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Culled and Distilled, Part One

12.28.2006 07:52 | DISPATCHES

Excerpts from the best articles available on the Internet.

". . . both the legislative and the executive branch are mainly engaged in searching out and finding the acceptable mean between voter sentiment and financial interest. [Emphasis added] It's sort of an ongoing math problem -- figuring out how many voters you can afford to fuck every four years, or how much money you should be extracting, and from which sponsors, for each rape of your constituents."
-- Matt Taibbi 

"The main mistakes I've made thinking about foreign policy over the last half decade were, I think, all cases where there were certain outcomes I just didn't find credible because they were just too stupid and dangerous for any person in power or authority to try."
-- Josh Marshall 

"If George Bush isn't impeached then we should never impeach anyone else. We should just take (the sections outlining the impeachment process) out of the Constitution. It is a meaningless clause of the Constitution."
-- Cindy Sheehan

"The reality of the situation is almost unimaginable, almost unendurable: that the most powerful nation in the history of the world has thrown itself, deliberately, for no compelling reason whatsoever beyond the selfish interests of a few elitist cliques, into a cauldron of mass murder and moral ruin, whose financial, political and spiritual costs will be felt, with deep suffering, for generations."
-- Chris Floyd

Not Another Bush
"For someone who has vowed not to run for office for another ten years, P. walks and talks like a seasoned politician in a telenovela actor's body. He is conservative in nature and nurture, and with his dynastic connections, appeal to Latino voters (his mother, Columba, is Mexican), and Pepsodent smile, this container of JFK Jr. charisma and machismo could have been genetically engineered in a GOP laboratory to win the presidency in 2028."
-- Men's Vogue 

Nuclear War
"There is something totally absurd and even criminal about the fact that the giant machines of nuclear omnicide, created in the last century on the basis of bankrupt Cold War premises, are still standing ready for war, 24/7, waiting for orders from their commanders in chief."
-- Sergei Plekhanov


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