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More Miller

07.07.2005 11:40 | DISPATCHES

Anyone interested in the full debate over Judith Miller's imprisonment and the many ambiguities that swirl around it should go to the Poynter Insitute's blog. I've made my position known, but here it is again in short:

Is this a collapse of press freedom? Maybe. The judge is sort of scary, but I don't think shielding a whistleblower is the same as shielding someone trying to crush a whistleblower.

Is Judith Miller courageous? Absolutely. Not everyone would go to jail for a principle, even if the principle is questionable and the motives cynical. It's still JAIL, after all.

Is she a journalistic hero? Absolutely not. The Iraq reportage was a disgrace. Also we still don't know what her role was in the Plame affair.

What is the story with Bob Novak? God alone knows. But this man who claims to be a super patriot is clearly a scoundrel.


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