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Miller Time

07.29.2005 14:00 | DISPATCHES

Amid the Supreme Court nomination, the London attacks, and the continued violence in Iraq, some of you may have forgotten that New York Times reporter Judith Miller continues to languish in jail. Miller has managed to put herself at the heart of both the Iraq-WMD controversy and the Karl Rove-Valerie Plame controversy. No small feat, even for a little town like DC.

The current rumor is that Miller won't testify before the special prosecutor because she may have been a source, rather than a conduit, of the Wilson leak. Arianna Huffington summarizes the weirdness around Miller. Here's a sample:

For starters, of course, we have her still unfolding involvement in the Plame leak. Earlier this month, Howard Kurtz reported that Miller and Libby spoke a few days before Novak outed Plame -- and I'm hearing that the Libby/Miller conversation occurred over breakfast in Washington. Did Valerie Plame come up -- and, if so, who brought her up? There is no question that Miller was angry at Joe Wilson... and continues to be. A social acquaintance of Miller told me that, once, when she spoke of Wilson, it was with "a passionate and heated disgust that went beyond the political and included an irrelevant bit of deeply personal innuendo about him, her mouth twisting in hatred."


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