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Freezerbox magazine aspires to create a forum for good thinking and good writing. It is hoped that this forum will include both professional and non-professional writers alike. Internet journalism--especially the electronic magazine--is democratic, and we hope that all those who wish to share well crafted thoughts, experiences and information will contribute.

E-zines, just like their hard-copy cousins, have notoriously short lives. New ones pop-up and die off by the thousand like so many summer mosquitoes. Freezerbox, which has already been in operation since 1998, hopes to avoid this fate by building up a strong network of writers who will contribute on a regular basis and on a wide range of topics, from arms control to political economy to film. Activist-oriented essays that include non-mainstream views on current events as well as links to sources of further information are especially encouraged. While we do not want to become simply an advocacy page whose articles read like pamphlets at a rally, we nonetheless feel that there are too many urgent issues to simply limit ourselves to stylistic jerking off, so to speak. That said, we also publish reviews and non-political essays.

Freezerbox is dedicated to the belief that an active, informed citizenry is crucial to the stabilization of spaceship Earth, which right now--judging from the state of the environment and extreme global inequality--is not on a sustainable, just path. Not even close.

Here's to not going out like that.

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