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Justice in Case

10.06.2005 07:20 | DISPATCHES

Harriet Miers: crony--or crone? Were I to apologize for this glib sexist remark, it would be disingenuous, especially in light of my next comment: What's with the eyeliner? Is this her bid to become the first Goth SCOTUS? It does, however, match the judicial robes.

More to the point, the fear that the administration would stack the deck with idealogues has been replaced with one equally critical. Is Ms. Miers's appointment, as my wife and various Internet voices contend, an integral part of the administration's contingency plan?

Bush and company may be concerned that, since losing their touch with the common man thanks to their insularity, the Democrats might reconquer Congress and seek to indict or, as even a voice as sober as Juan Cole's suggests, actually entertain the notion of impeachment. The choice of Ms. Miers, along with John Roberts, would thus constitute attempts to buttress the administration's defenses should a legislative coup materialize.

Can you imagine a president feeling the need to appoint a Supreme Court justice largely on the basis of whether or not he or she will look favorably on his case, should it appear before the court?


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