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Filibuster or Bust

01.26.2006 07:28 | DISPATCHES

"Democrats break silence on Alito: Filibuster unlikely, frustration high" reads the title of a Raw Story article by John Byrne.

"One aide said part of the problem is that Democratic senators haven't felt a groundswell of opposition from constituents. . . . 'People aren't engaged in this fight. . . . [It] isn't something that American people are calling in droves about.'"

Most Americans, intimidated by the legal process and jargon, reflexively run to lawyers for help on issues they could probably resolve themselves. Not only have they zero interest in the courts, seldom have they been asked to care about judicial appointments. Except when someone as bizarre as Robert Bork or as misogynistic as Clarence Thomas is nominated, Americans ignore the Supreme Court.

Just like it would take a draft to mobilize mass opposition to American military adventurism, it will probably require the overturning of Roe versus Wade to focus America's attention on our judicial system.


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