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Looks Like a Storm's a Comin', Mr. President

03.06.2006 05:58 | DISPATCHES

Slate's John Dickerson commenting on the Bush-Brown Katrina video:

"[The] president's question-free briefing is more than a momentary bad piece of public relations. It's a blow to a key Bush myth [which is that the] Bush management philosophy relies on. . . question-asking [as a central] tool in the 'trust me' presidency."
Not only has Bush's poor excuse for a management style come home to roost. But also has much of Middle America's complex about electing someone smarter than them. Many based their votes in the last presidential election on how intimidated they are by an intellect.

Now they're stuck with a president barely capable of jawing with them across the aisle of the local Home Depot. In other words, he can't even respond to that standard conversational opener, the weather ("Looks like a storm's a coming.").

When Americans choose a financial advisor, they may be drawn to a hail-fellow-well-met. But most need evidence he knows what he's talking about before entrusting him with their money. Likewise, Americans must withhold their votes until a candidate shows he knows what he's talking about before they entrust him with their nation.


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