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On a (Honor) Roll

03.13.2006 05:33 | DISPATCHES

Today we'd like to cite progressive portals and thank them for the work they do (including linking to Freezerbox articles).

Cursor: Conscientiously constructed and creatively linked introductions to articles. Remains the most prestigious of portals.

Op Ed News: Bursting at the seams, growing exponentially with IndyMedia-type (but carefully screened) participation by a community of contributors. The most exciting and democratic of portals - a beacon for the future of the progressive Web.

Smirking Chimp: Another essential, vital site with articles attractively featured.

Buzzflash: Most fun and links to the most articles. Good way to start the day if you can't stomach your local newspaper. Only drawback is that editor's often side-splitting outrage masks a conventional liberal sensibility.

But don't stop at the big four portals:

One Thousand Reasons: Carefully chosen mix of mainstream and alternative articles. Deserves the traffic of the big four. Classiest design of all portals.

Bush Watch: About more than Bush, this vital site, based in Austin, Texas, also features Buzzflash-funny remarks and founder Jerry Politex's incisive commentary.

Orlin Grabbe: "Inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage," scientist Orlin Grabbe's site is fun too.

What Really Happened: This New Hampshire-based site is discriminating in its links. Trustworthy, with witty one-line reactions to articles.

Information Clearing House: Hard-hitting and in your face. Another good alternative to the big four.

Alternative Press Review: "Window on the world of independent media," it leaves mainstream media to the others. High marks for attractiveness and ergonomics.

War Folly: With heavy use of bold almost resembles conservative site like Front Page Mag. But it's the exact opposite, featuring likes of controversial iconoclast John Kaminski.

Any number of other sites, as well as blogs, by virtue of the extent to which they link, also function as portals. In the future we hope to honor them as well.


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