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Iraq Jumps Shark, But High Hopes for Its Sequel, Iran

04.06.2006 06:05 | DISPATCHES

In "America's Reign of Terror in Iraq" on, Justin Raimondo writes:

"Today, Americans look on the Iraq war as little more than a. . . series of flickering images darting across their television screens, disturbing but no more real than the latest horror movie. . . . we are inured, like our Roman antecedents, to the moral meaning of what we are seeing [as if it were] happening in another dimension, and certainly we bear no personal responsibility for the crimes being committed in our name."
Or as James Wolcott writes in "Slipperier Slope":
"One of the great paradoxes of our age is how the US can be so dimly complacent and so sharply fearful in the same breath. We're in a constant state of sluggish agitation, worked up into a righteous state of indifference."
Continue to trance out on our overseas transgressions if you like, America. But you can't turn the channel on blowback.


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