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Bloggers Strive to Fill Void Left by Mainstream Media on Iran

04.13.2006 11:33 | DISPATCHES

In response to Bush & Co.'s plans for Iraq, the bloggers have risen to new heights. For instance, in "Mutually Assured Dementia," Whiskey Bar's Billmon writes:

". . . For both the corporate and the conservative media, as well as for their audiences, an air campaign against Iran would make for great TV –- a welcome return to the good old days of Desert Storm and Shock and Awe [with] the added frisson of nuclear weapons. . ."

Two co-workers with whom I was discussing the likelihood of a US attack on Iran expressed the view that, as indicated by Bush's low polls, the public would "revolt." Billmon begs to differ:

"[It's] probably naive to expect the American public to react with horror, remorse or even shock to a U.S. nuclear sneak attack on Iran. . . We’ve already seen a lengthy list of war crimes and dictatorial power grabs sink into [the] electronic compost heap: the WMD disinformation campaign, Abu Ghraib, the torture memos, the de facto repeal of the 4th amendment. . . . It’s just a little bunker buster, after all."

Meanwhile, at AMERICAblog, John in D.C. has drawn up a flawless plan designed for use by Democrats, free of charge, to attempt to get Bush & Co. to stand down on Iran. Among its nine parts:

"Slow down, we've got ten years."

"George Bush is the wrong man to be launching yet another war."

"[Nor is he] the president we want exercising the nuclear option."

"What military and what money are we going to use?"

These and other blogs can be found on our new links page, discreetly called our "Directory."



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