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Nerve Center of ZOG Finally Found

05.25.2006 20:25 | DISPATCHES

White Power adherents, neo-Nazis, racists -- take heart. Hidden in an article in the June 8 New York Review of Books are names you can use to finally put a face on ZOG! (ZOG, of course, is the Zionist Occupied Government said to rule states like the US.)

"The Storm over the Israel Lobby" by Michael Massing is a review of the "The Israel Lobby," the controversial article in The London Review of Books by American academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt that chronicles Israel's influence on US foreign policy. (Slipshod, but invaluable, Massing concludes.)

In his piece he reveals exactly who in the powerful Israel lobbies determines their agendas. Besides naming prominent figures in the lobby called Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, he outs those who control the now infamous AIPAC:

". . . power rests with the fifty-odd-member board of directors. . . corporate lawyers, Wall Street investors, business executives, and heirs to family fortunes. Within the board itself, power is concentrated in an extremely rich subgroup, known as the "minyan club." And, within that group, four members are dominant: Robert Asher, a retired lighting fixtures dealer in Chicago; Edward Levy, a building supplies executive in Detroit; Mayer "Bubba" Mitchell, a construction materials dealer in Mobile, Alabama; and Larry Weinberg, a real estate developer in Los Angeles [also known as the "Gang of Four"]."

There you have it -- the inner sanctum of ZOG: a lighting fixtures dealer, a building supplies executive, a construction materials dealer, and a real estate developer (and his wife Barbi). Sorry, White Power. No wizened bankers, no one-eyed veterans of the Stern Gang or Mossad.


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