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Bin Laden's Most-Wanted Poster Turning Yellow

06.09.2006 07:39 | DISPATCHES

However fortuitous Zarqawi's removal from the scene might seem for the administration, it could backfire –- because of the blood lust for big game that it's incited. In other words, with an elite force like Task Force 145 on the case, why in the world can't we flush out bin Laden?

Those versed in supposed realpolitik laugh at our naivete. We can't, they assert, strong-arm Pakistani President Musharraf into letting the US rampage through Waziristan or whatever badlands bin Laden's the grand wazir of. The "fundos," as educated Pakistanis have been known to refer to fundamentalists, as well as tribesmen, will become enraged, overthrow Musharraf, and take control of Pakistan –- and its nukes.

But what then falls into the lap of the administration? The opportunity of a lifetime to invade a Middle-Eastern country and seize control of it with not only the acquiescence of the G-8, but its likely aid and abettance. Along with catching bin Laden, the administration will have saved the world from much more likely perpetrators of a nuclear holocaust than Iran. Thus, they'd likely secure Republican dominance in the next two national elections.

What's holding the administration back? Besides, that is, the knowledge that Pakistan's ISI (Pakistan's top intelligence agency) would probably be more inclined to fight for the death for al Qaeda/the Taliban than Musharraf? Or could it be that Bush & Co. have been too abashed by international lack of support for sanctioning and handing out an ultimatum to Iran to think on a big scale again?

Disclaimer: This Dispatch by no means constitutes an endorsement of any plan to invade Pakistan.


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