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Illegal Immigration? Try Re-Annexation

07.24.2006 06:00 | DISPATCHES

One of our readers, Albert Bivas, weighs in:

"Has anyone in politics, the media or anywhere else ever suggested that one way to solve the so-called illegal immigration of Mexicans into the United States. . . [is to return] all the territories originally taken from Mexico, back to that country? . . . I know that many people in the United States might be willing to return Texas on condition that the Bushes go with it. . ."

Illegal immigration is then either an attempt to redress a grievance and re-annex what's rightly Mexico's or it's truly the invasion the hard right already thinks it is (since many make inroads beyond the border states). Whatever the case, Bivas then waxes idealistic:

"More seriously perhaps, many countries have problems with 'illegal' imigrants, one way to solve that problem might. . . be to abolish 'visas' and let anyone move freely in and out of any country as he/she pleases. . . . All will have one passport as Human citizens of the one . . . nation of the world."


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