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Never Mind "Body Worlds,"* See a Spine Deteriorate Before Your Eyes

09.25.2006 06:27 | DISPATCHES

No thanks to Senator McCain, as well as Lindsey and Warner, the White House has been granted permission to continue authorizing the CIA to torture.

Thus exposed to the risk of reciprocal treatment are captured American service personnel. In fact, with its potential for incurring violence against those who protect us, this bill parallels the administration's support of the NRA.

That noble organization's opposition to the control of any guns, including the 50-caliber sniper rifle -- so powerful it's designated for use on radar huts, trucks, and parked aircraft, not humans -- enables criminals to remain comfortably out in front in the arms race against our nation's police forces.

McCain's vow he'd stake his run at the presidency on abolishing torture rings mighty hollow now. Incidentally, someone close to me thinks he suffers from Stockholm syndrome, in which kidnapping victims became emotionally attached to their victimizers, once the Viet Cong for him, now Bush & Co., who, if you'll recall, savaged not only him but his wife and child in the 2000 presidential primaries.

*Anatomical exhibition of flayed human bodies that tours the world.


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