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Attack Iran, Lose Your Job

11.05.2007 03:26 | DISPATCHES

It beggars belief. Polls show the president's support at less than 30 percent nationally -- in not one single state does even 50 percent approve of him. Yet he retains enough of his beloved "political capital" to plan an attack on another country for reasons other than defensive.

Bush was expected to be a lame duck president by this point. But the Democratic congress has seen to it that he's been fitted with a prosthetic wing.

In part, that's because the prospect of thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands Iranians killed isn't enough to inspire the American public to voice its opposition to attacking Iran. But maybe the prospect of a like number of Americans losing their jobs because of an attack on Iran will.

Here's how to explain it to family and friends who either don't believe Bush & Co. would be crazy enough to launch another capricious war or don't care.

Oil is already approaching $100 a barrel. Now imagine that price doubled -- not in a decade, but overnight. That scenario is considered likely if Iran attacks or blockades oil shipping in the Persian Gulf. Also bear in mind it contains the world's largest offshore oil field, which would be equally vulnerable to disruption.

Now imagine your home-heating bill and the price you pay at the gas pump reflecting the post-attack price of a barrel of oil. Then envision your employer experiencing the same alarm, but amplified by the size of his facilities, as well as transportation costs.

Now imagine him facing up to his inability to pay his fuel bills. Next, see bossman downsize or shut his doors.

Never mind trying to appeal to a dormant altruistic streak in Americans. Heck, we can't even get worked up about the likelihood that our own soldiers in Iraq would suffer blowback for an attack on Iran.

Americans need to be made to understand that, before we know what hit us, one out of say, seven of us may wind up unemployed and unable to support our families.

Once aware, Americans might be more willing to call their congress members and inform them of their opposition to an attack on Iran. For those who don't know their representatives or senators' numbers (okay, or even their names) send them to

Of course, some believe Iran is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons or that it's supplying Iraq with the latest in IEDs. To them, disabling a supposed foe may be worth the risk of losing their livelihoods. More power to them.


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