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Bull in China Shop to Get Commemorative Plate?

02.13.2006 06:13 | DISPATCHES

According to Warren Strobel of Knight Ridder, State Department officials appointed by President Bush have replaced career experts on WMD and arms control with political appointees.

"Among those who have left is the State Department's top authority on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the cornerstone of the international regime to curb the spread of nuclear arms."
When he was Undersecretary of State, John Bolton, according to a State Department official, "had blood in his eyes for the Nonproliferation Bureau." On the other hand, he was also the author of the Proliferation Security Initiative, which was designed to intercept WMD shipments and helped bring down Pakistan nuclear pioneer A.Q. Khan's own personal black market.

For that and his warnings and documentation of Iran's nuclear buildup, Bolton was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize by Sweden's former deputy prime minister, Per Ahlmark.

Say what?

Granted, Bolton's apparently been a force for good at times (who knew?). But, however devalued the prize has become by awarding it to the likes of Arafat, you can't award the Nobel Prize to a man who's basically a weapon of mass destruction unto himself.


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