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Bush & Co.: A Steady Stream of Grist for the Humor Mill

02.17.2006 05:56 | DISPATCHES

In 1968 politics was the most exciting game in town. With the Vietnam War as a backdrop, the Democratic Convention was held in the midst of running riots. Mayor Richard Daley of host Chicago provided an object lesson in how to turn young Americans off to the American political system when he shouted what were called "unprintable slurs" at Senator Abraham Ribicoff during his conciliatory speech.

Meanwhile Norman Mailer and Hunter Thompson were weighing in with printable slurs. It didn't get any better than that.

Until Bush.

As if Afghanistan, Iraq, and Katrina weren't enough excitement for one administration, Bush & Co. have seen fit to entertain us with an endless array of outrages and scandals. Sometimes, too, they even stage farces, like Jeff Gannon and any of President Bush's public appearances, and tragicomedies like Cheney's Chappaquidick (as R.J. Esko of Yahoo News called it).

The Daily Show, for instance, thought it had died and gone to heaven. As for the "blogosphere," fueling it seems to be the administration's idea of alternative energy.

We'd now like to take this opportunity to express the same gratitude to the administration that its supporters owed President Clinton for his sex scandal. (Even though it's become like trying to get water from a stone, they're still milking it.) To Web, print, and, now that the polls have turned, even TV, the Bush administration is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. In fact, even after its members become former denizens of the White House, they'll still be giving via investigations and indictments that finally come to fruition.


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